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Moth Control in Mill Meads

Moth Control in Mill Meads

In moths pose a big problem for home owners especially if you have many clothing and fabricated items in your home. Moths can cause damage and create havoc in households. If your home is infested by moths then you should contact a reputable pest control professional to locate the source of the infestation.

Once this is found, an insecticide can be applied appropriately. The prevention of future infestations is needed to ensure that a moth infestation does not reoccur. Their are 4 main species of moths that are the the most common in . This includes common clothes moth, case bearing clothes moth, brown house moth and white shouldered house moth.

There are thought to be up to 250,000 different species of moth throughout the world and even more are believed to be undiscovered at this point. Due to their nocturnal lifestyle, moths are known to be attracted to lights and are even believed to be able to fly in a straight line as the moths use the moon for navigation.

Elimination of the moth is a relatively inexpensive if you go to the right moth controllers. The chemicals we use are only available to specialists trained in pest control that they know exactly how to administer the chemicals safely. We offer a fast, effective and affordable service treat moths or any other pest problem in your home.

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