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Squirrel Control in Upton

Squirrel Control in Upton

Grey Squirrels gain way in into your home and then roofs and lofts and damage your belongings and building construction. They have even been known to chomp through our cables and wires. We deliver a full squirrel control service for the area.

This includes extracting the squirrels from your property by using one of our tried and tested methods. We will remove them from your property in the safest most humane way.

Although now a familiar sight across and the rest of London, the grey squirrel is non-native and is largely blamed for the reduction in the red squirrel. Grey Squirrels are larger than reds squirrels with greyish/brown fur and a white belly.

Grey Squirrels are more active during the daytime and are very clearly gathering food in preparation for the harsh winter months. Breeding occurs between December and February and again between March and May. The gestation time span is approx 6 - 7 weeks and an average of 2 litters each year are born to female squirrels consisting of 1-8 young. They survive for about 8-9 years.

The most widespread procedure of squirrel control is trapping. The methods we use will be explained to you by our squirrel control specialist before they are carried out. Successful proofing to keep squirrels from returning will also be carried out.

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